Review on that did not do what it promised

Review on that did not do what it promised

Impression Produced

This is a really cool site. Its interface is clear and informative, it is also fast. The great thing about it is the fact that you can see the profiles of the best writers. But I was a bit confused as these are freelance writers that offer to do the projects on philosophy, history, statistics, or literature at the same time.

I required a book review, but had some doubts whether these versatile writers could cope with the task professionally. Nevertheless, I placed an order to check my suspicions. It was better to read other customers’ reviews on essay writing service!

Available Services

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As to the services they offer, it is difficult to specify them even via essay writing reviews, but I think that they help with any type of academic essays. As to more serious kinds like a research paper or a dissertation, I doubt that it is worth risking. It is hardly possible that they are qualified for performing projects for high school.


The prices are not set at the website, there is a system of bidding here, about which I have already read in one of essay writing services review. The writers offer their bids and you are to choose the most suitable price for you. I did not take a risk of choosing the lowest price, as I needed a quality piece of work. So I selected the writer with experience in literature and we agreed upon the price of $16 per page, as I could afford this.

Free Offers and Discounts

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As the approach to prices here is personalized, it is useless to talk about discounts. If you intend to save, just choose a lower bid offered. No discounts are offered here.

How to Order

The process of ordering is a bit too long and I want to mention this in my online essay writing service review. After placing an order, you are waiting for the bids. I have contacted some of the performers to know about them and their experience. If you ask for a preview of some works, the process could become even longer.

Cooperation with Performer

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I was promised to have an opportunity to talk to the writer to follow the progress of writing. But this did not happen as the performer did not show great desire for communication. He only had to answer my questions because I paid for every part of my task separately.

Terms of Performance

It took the writer 5 days to hand in the book review to me, but as I asked for a revision, it took him 2 more days to complete the task. In total, I had to wait for 7 days before receiving a satisfactory book review.

Result Obtained

As I knew what result I would like to get, I insisted on keeping up to my requirements. But as a result, I did not get what I needed. My grade was B. Although I paid an affordable price, I hoped to get a better quality project, because at some other resources I managed to do this.

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