Easy guide on writing a good hook for a research paper

Easy guide on writing a good hook for a research paper

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We suppose that you have already guessed that when we offer you a guide on how to write a good hook for your academic paper, we are talking about an engaging introduction for your writing. It usually consists of 2-3 sentences or even a couple of opening paragraphs to catch the attention of readers and evoke their desire to continue reading. The beginning should be so catching that a reader will want to read the whole text.

Generally speaking, a good hook is a significant element of any writing piece whether it is an article, a fictional story, or an academic essay. The introduction is the key element of any writing and it can lead you to success or failure. So, how to write a good hook?

What is a research paper?

It is better to start with the definition of a research paper and its purposes.

A research paper includes not only facts and ideas on a specific topic that were examined, analyzed, and presented. This is also analytical material where you should express your viewpoint and the possible perspectives of the research.

There are two main criteria to determine a good introduction to any academic paper: the opinion of the author and some hinted intrigue to attract the attention of audience.

These are our genuine tips on how to write a good hook

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1. Start with a question

Pose some adequate question related to the theme of your writing and mention that it is rather controversial. You can support the main question with a couple of secondary ones in order to better outline the issue you are writing about.

2. Present your viewpoint on the topic

This trick is especially good when you are dealing with the problem that has some famous misconceptions about it, ruins some well-established myths, or is simply new and fresh. Give way to your creativity! But do not go far away from the lead thesis of your work.

3. Include some interesting facts or data

The majority of people are happy to learn something new, especially when this information is supported by reliable facts or data. When you demonstrate that your paper has such evidence, your entire work becomes more significant from a psychological point of view. You are free to add as many data and facts as you wish to any part of your work, just choose the place correctly. However, only proven facts and data from reliable sources should be included and do not forget about the links to the sources.

4. Quotes and sayings are a good benefit

This tip is mainly for works in humanitarian disciplines where you are speaking about a book, an author, or a literary abstract. It will be a plus if you add some quotes, a fragment from a story, or even an anecdote, which is suitable for this particular paper. Quotes are a good means of supporting your ideas and they can also ‘freshen up’ your writing.

5. Start from a scene

This tip may sound strange but it works rather effectively, as all people like stories. It is good to describe some scene to present the experience you are dwelling on. This can also help you to avoid boring and monotonous style of a research paper. This can be a kind of a psychological break for a reader.

As we have explained all the pitfalls of how to write a good hook, you now understand that it is not a problem to create an engaging introduction for any academic paper you need. Just remember our tips and do not limit your imagination!

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